Why Can’t We All Just Get Along

I look back on the last year or so thinking about so many different changes with life and relationships. And its been a roller-coaster of sorts seriously. From losing friendships, dating, meeting new friends and building relationships. And the overall theme of the year seems to be.
“Do you want to be friends with me out of genuine love or circumstance?”
Friendships built out of circumstances have a sense of being set when certain ground rules are met then we can be buddies but if we have a disagreement of sorts then we’re not friends. But, I’ve learned that they’re cant be any growth without conflict between people. From small arguments to extreme every relationship at some point is tested.
What’s sad is that I believe people outside of the church have a better grasp on that concept better than the people of God. We divide over things like doctrine, what pastor you follow, different opinions on social injustice etc. When realistically, God has bought us from the 4 corners of the earth all with different backgrounds and perspectives. We all have something to offer each other. So, why can’t we as believers build off of our disagreements.   
Wilbert Louis Addison Jr. said on the Music Unlocked Vol. 4 that the bible says, “That we will be known by the LOVE we show each other”. So, what is that scripture reference dealing with? OUR HEARTS toward one another.

A friend of mine told me once that we seem to major on the minor stuff of Christianity. We focus to much on doctrine, ministry and exposing the Devil. And not enough on the heart of the church itself. The people and the community around us for example. If we keep dividing our numbers up we won’t be able to build a generation of people to succeed us when we are gone. And that is scary for us as a body of believers.

You know!

Can we reconcile? Can we accept each others differences without demonizing each other at every whim. These are things I constantly ask myself on the daily.

What about you?


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