Understanding Growth

HHey, everyone I realize that our podcast has been off air for quite a while and you guys have been asking for when’s the next show. But I declare that we havent forgot about you all. Joseph and myself are definitely coming back to the air but when remains to be seen at the moment. 

Its been just about 8 months since I moved away from home in St.Pete and I can honestly growing up has been somehwat of rough process. Mostly influencing my life are my mindsets and relationships. My mindsets have been somewhat shattrered, and finding a wife seems to be a more a search than I anticipated. Nonetheless, the conflict within my own sin and dealing with people has come to the forefront and this is where I realized that I had a child’s mentality about life, not in a developmental stage but a situational like being able to handle business like a man. 
Knowing when to speak up and keeping my mouth closed, dealing with anger, which I thought I had a decent handle on up until a couple months ago. Standing up for my friends as much as myself. All of these things has been challenged in some shape or form. To this day, I’m still navigated thru at least 1 of those issues everyday. Although it begins to be well… Frustrating to deal with.  

I was listening to message by Pastor Stephen Darby and he had mentioned that even though we repent of sin that we will suffer consequences for the crime against God. And it had me thinking a lot about my relationships and those I have confused and hurt. Those people I have spoken about behind their backs because I was to much of a coward to say my peace face to face. The punishment for running my mouth unjustly was hurting someone I loved and I can’t apologize enough to that person for what I did. Now, the growth portion of this will be moving on from this issue and making sure I become more responsible about how I conduct myself in the future. 
To those friends and family alike reading this and may have different thoughts about whether sharing this is right or wrong. Well, as the Bible says and I’m not directly quoting but contextually saying that “with our tongues we should expose the devil as a liar” think about it. 


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