#Motivation For Men #30: I Have Done Nothing Wrong


The adulterous woman indulges herself, cleans herself up and then acts as if nothing happened … nothing wrong, anyway.

One characteristic of the adulterous lifestyle is that it requires us to live a double life. One life in which we maintain a proper image in the sight of others, and another life in which we indulge in our secret desires, however illicit they may be. The adulterous woman becomes quite adept at switching between one life and the other, as if she were simply multitasking. Multitasking, however, is not the same thing as lacking integrity. God expects us to be men whose actions line up their ideals. To lack integrity is to be double-minded, just like the man in the book of James who wavered between faith and doubt, and thus could not expect to receive anything from the Lord.

How does the adulterous woman cope with her double life emotionally? Through rationalization. Quite likely the adulterous woman has many complaints about her lot in life. Her husband may be abusive, absent, unattractive, unsupportive, uncommunicative or just plain annoying, so she justifies her affairs as being necessary to compensate for what he is lacking. The man of integrity, however, needs to recognize this for what it really is. Just a bunch of excuses.

None of this should be taken as being directed at women in general. Certainly there are faithful women of wisdom, integrity and virtue, just as there are unprincipled, foolish and adulterous men. Nevertheless, the writer of Proverbs has taken great pains to warn us about the adulterous woman and the spirit of sexual temptation she represents. We need to go back to God’s word whenever we sense ourselves starting to give in to double-mindedness and rationalization, especially where sexual temptation is concerned.

Excuses won’t cut it in heaven. Let’s stop putting up with them on earth.


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