#Motivation For Men #28: Costly Integrity

“Costly Integrity”

Joseph’s integrity was remarkable, not only because he refused to betray his master Potiphar’s trust and sin against God, but also because he maintained his integrity even though he had been betrayed by his own brothers and sold into slavery. Joseph realized that God saw what he did even if his family or master did not. Contrast this to his oldest brother Reuben, who slept with his father Jacob’s concubine.

Joseph’s integrity was also costly, since Potiphar’s wife falsely accused Joseph to her husband. Prison was the short-term result of Joseph’s integrity — some reward! Nevertheless, God was with Joseph and promoted him to position of deputy to Pharaoh, putting him in a position to save lives during the years of famine which were to come.

God wants us to develop this kind of integrity in our own lives. Integrity starts with being committed to the truth, even when this means being honest about our failings and confessing our sins so that we can be held accountable. As we make this this kind of honesty a habit, we give our hearts the opportunity to develop self-government and conviction, rather than hiding behind the lies and false images of ourselves we would otherwise be projecting to the world. As a result, commitment to truth creates in us a desire to live according to what we believe, and with God’s help we are able to pass the testing of our faith when it comes.

What is integrity worth to you?


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