#Motivation For Men #27: Much or Little

Jesus had been invited to dinner by Simon, a Pharisee, but an uninvited guest showed up as well. a woman with a sinful reputation. Weeping, the woman used her tears to wash Jesus’ feet, wiped them with her hair, kissed them and anointed them with perfume. These acts of devotion were humbling in their own right, but even more so since they were done in the presence of Simon, who knew the woman’s reputation and was surprised that a reputed prophet such as Jesus would allow such a wicked woman to touch him.

However, Jesus turned this into a teachable moment for Simon, pointing out that the woman had shown great love while Simon had not even shown Jesus customary courtesies of the day. anointing oil for his head, a kiss of greeting and water for his feet. The woman’s love and devotion, on the other hand, was born out of genuine repentance, faith and gratitude for the forgiveness she had received for her many sins.

Do we love much or do we love little? The sinful woman serves as an example of how we respond to the reality of past sins, even sexual sins, in our lives. Regardless of how we might compare ourselves to others, the overriding reality is that we have been forgiven much. If we fail to believe that we are forgiven, or if we somehow think that our sins were not that big a deal, our lack of love will become manifest. If we truly embrace the forgiveness we have receive from Jesus, our love and devotion will be unstoppable.

Much or little? The choice is ours.


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