#Motivation For Men #26: Taking New Ground

We have given several military examples from scripture illustrating how we can become “wall builders” who create effective defenses against sexual sin and temptation, thus strengthening our self-control as individuals. We have talked about building and repairing walls, stationing guards and being vigilant to protect that which is both precious and vulnerable.

However, defensive measures do not constitute an end in themselves. The ultimately reality in life is not simply that sin and temptation are enemies against which me must defend, although we must. The ultimate reality in life is that God’s kingdom is taking over and is progressively and continuously extending its influence, and that is to be our mentality as well. What is in question is not whether God’s kingdom will come; it is coming and it will come. What is in question is whether and how we will cooperate with the coming of God’s kingdom.

The kingdom mentality is not primarily individualistic or defensive; it is a mentality of rulership and growth. Yes, it is important that we grow in our ability to overcome sin and that we personally embrace both kingdom lifestyle and kingdom values. But we must also have the mentality that we are taking new ground, because the kingdom was never just about us. It is about them as well, and it is all about Him.

The gospel has always been a kingdom message. Let us never make it just about ourselves.


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