#Motivation For Men #25: The Woman of Folly

From almost the beginning of human history, the allure of forbidden pleasures has tempted mankind. Whether it is forbidden fruit, shoplifted goods, pornography, getting drunk or high, unmarried teenagers “going all the way” or an adulterous affair, there seems to be a special thrill and adrenaline rush associated with defying authority or convention in pursuit of pleasure. Yet there are multiple reasons we should not be listening to the voice of the woman of folly.

1. She is naive and knows nothing. The woman of folly has either not learned from her mistakes or she is so desperate that she feels she has to appeal to our lower nature to get what she wants or needs.

2. She is targeting both those who are trying to walk the “straight and narrow” and those who lack understanding. The woman of folly takes special pleasure, perhaps even a sense of empowerment, in being able to influence men, even if she is taking them in an ill-advised direction.

3. We still reap what we sow, whether or not the sowing was thrilling or pleasurable. We will remember what we reaped from the fruits of wickedness – addiction, prison, pregnancy, injury, broken relationships – much longer than we will remember the fleeting pleasure.

4. The wages of sin is still death. That the woman of folly cares nothing for the havoc she has wreaked is all the more reason to avoid her.

The principle that we reap what we sow is one of the most important lessons we can learn in life. The less we have to learn it the hard way, the better off we’ll be.


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