#Motivation For Men #24: #NoExcuses


Here we have what might be called the death progression; lust leads to sin, and sin leads to death. In the context of this verse, lust is not referring exclusively to sexual lust. In fact, according to Strong’s Concordance, the Greek word epithumia(ἐπιθυμία) used here speaks of passionate desire which can either be positive or negative, depending on its source. It is interesting, however, that reproductive imagery is used here, in that lust conceives and gives birth to sin, and sin matures to bring forth death. Another way to think about it. what you lust for will be the death of you.

If lust, or passionate desire in its evil form, can be the death of us, how can we overcome it? Here are some pointers.

1. Understand that you have no excuse. God cannot be blamed for your sin or temptation, because neither of those things originate from him; they originate from within your own heart.

2. Recognize those desires which cause you to become “carried away”. All of us have things that we find especially appealing or trigger our enthusiasm. However, when we are carried away by something, we have ceded control of ourselves to our desires rather than ruling our desires, which is dangerous territory to be in.

3. Understand that God has called you to rule in life, starting with your own desires. God delights in fulfilling the desires of the righteous, and He transforms us so that we become people who want for ourselves what He wants for us. However, God expects you to rule over your desires so that He can fulfill them in His timing and in His way, not by you being enticed and carried away.

One of the gifts of God’s Holy Spirit is self-control. Let godly self-control become a way of life, even something you are known for, so that you channel your desires rather than letting your desires control you, and you can be an example for others.


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