Motivation For Men #17: “Whatever It Takes”


“Whatever It Takes”

Sounds kind of drastic, doesn’t it? Before you starting thinking that Jesus was advocating self-mutilation, keep in mind that this was spoken as part of a broader message about the true nature of righteousness. Jesus was making the point that the eternal consequences of sin are real enough that we should be willing to take radical, drastic action to avoid or remove anything that causes us to stumble. Since this statement immediately follows the comparison Jesus made between adultery and lust, it follows that we need to take radical, drastic action to deal with anything that leads us into sexual sin.

What action may be required in your case? If you are not stumbling, maybe nothing. If the Internet is a stumbling block for you, are you willing to get offline, or give up your smartphone for a feature phone, get filtering software, or get regular accountability? If your problems lie elsewhere, are you willing to break off unhealthy relationships? Get a different job? Limit your intake of music, TV, movies, video games or other forms of diversion or entertainment? Sell or dispose of things which are bring you down? Change your diet or health habits? In other words, are you willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to be free?

By taking radical, drastic action, I’m not advocating doing something hastily or on impulse. Repentance is something God grants us leading to the knowledge of the truth (2 Timothy 2:25). Simply ask God to reveal to you what the stumbling blocks in your life are and what you should do about them. Then obey.


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