Motivation for Men #16: “Worth Protecting”


“Worth Protecting”

On at least two different occasions while David was in exile and King Saul and his men were in pursuit, David had chances to kill Saul and put an end to his own exile, but David refused to do so. On this particular occasion, Saul and the men around him had fallen in such a deep sleep that David and his men came close enough to take the king’s spear and water jug by his side. Not only did David refuse to kill Saul, but he harshly rebuked the men who had failed to guard the Lord’s anointed king.

How well do we guard God’s presence, holiness and anointing in our lives? Obviously God Himself cannot be destroyed, but His indwelling in our hearts and lives is something we can’t take for granted. The enemy will try to steal that from us if we are not alert and awake. We must jealously and zealously guard God’s presence in our lives. But that will only happen if God’s presence is something we value.

Do you value God’s presence in your life enough to take steps to protect it?


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