Motivation for Men #15: “Listen To Your Mother”

“Listen to Your Mother”

Proverbs 31 is known for being the “excellent wife” chapter, but the first nine verses of this chapter are where King Lemuel is reciting something his mother taught him when he was young.

Put yourself in Lemuel’s place for a minute. Your mother sees you not only as a precious gift from God, but an awesome responsibility as well, since she is raising you not only to be a man, but also a king. She sees your potential to be a just, wise and righteous rule, judging fairly and championing the downtrodden.

But she also sees danger. She understands that being given over to alcohol will put your glorious future at risk. And though she is a woman herself, she understands that not all women will have your best interests at heart, and they have the potential to destroy you as well.

Listen to your mother.


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  1. Great post! Did you know the gender of the Holy Spirit is feminine in Aramaic (The language Jesus spoke) and also in Hebrew? This whole time.. Christians, most of the world has grown up without a spiritual Mother.. imagine how different things would have/ would be if we addressed and acknowledged her.. if every time we spoke to and of God we had this imagery in our minds and hearts to include Motherly love?


    • I honestly don’t understand what your talking about! Please elaborate on this.. “mother” side before I respond!


      • You can Google: More than just a Controversy: All about the Holy Spirit @ or the gender of the Holy Spirit on Wikipedia and it talks about how in Aramaic and Hebrew the Spirit is Feminine. the First article is from a scholar studying Semitics and Theology at UCLA. It explains a lot! This topic is why I got on WordPress to blog to see if anyone is interested in the topic! Today is day 2 and I’m trying to learn my way around lol I still can’t figure out how to upload a picture to the profile picture! 🙂


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