Health Series “The Art of Discipline” Show Notes

The Art of Discipline

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A. What is Discipline?

  • b. Webster’s Definition2: “behavior that is judged by how well it follows a set of rules or
  • a. Webster’s Definition1: “control that is gained by requiring that rules or orders be
  • c. Simply Put: “Doing what you need to do, NOT what you want to do”

B. Why is Discipline Important?

  • a. Many believe Discipline is necessary for success
  • b. If nothing changes, nothing changes
  • c. It is also essential in our walk with Christ

C. Step-by-Step Process to break old habits.

  • a. First identify the action you want to change
  • b. Watch yourself to see what you are doing
  • c. Cut it in half, and carry on for a week
  • d. Reduce to nothing or almost nothing and carry on for another week
  • e. Eliminate completely
  • f. Replace bad habit with a good habit

D. Examples of Step-by-Step Process

  • a. Step 1: I eat too many Potato Chips
  • b. Step 2: I eat 2 bags a day
  • c. Step 3: For one week I will eat 1 bag per day
  • d. Step 4: For next week I will eat ½ of a bag per day
  • e. Step 5: I can now cut out chips until cheat days only, or until goal weight is reached
  • f. Step 6: I now snack on fruits or veggie chips instead of potato chips

C. Summary

  • a. It is found that stopping bad habits completely is very hard for the average person, and
  • b. The best way to make a lifestyle change, is to stop bad habits one small step at a time,
  • c. Keep up with our blog for the “Motivation for Men”
  • d. Keep up with twitter for “G.R.I.N.D. Tips”

D. Weekly Challenge

  • a. Find one bad habit that you need to change, and follow our step-by-step model toobeyed and punishing bad behavior”orders” sometimes too shocking on the body and then replace with a good habitchange
  • i. If you need to keep the slow cut away changes for 2 weeks because one week is too fast, then do what you need to do!


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