Motivation For Men #7 : “Your Treasure, You Heart”

“Your Treasure, Your Heart”

The Greek word for treasure here (θησαυρός, pronounced “thésauros”) refers to a storehouse for valuables. This is also where we get the English word “thesaurus”, which is literally a storehouse of synonyms. (See also Strong’s Concordance and

When Jesus made this statement, he was emphasizing that we could not love or serve both God and money, and that by saving up our treasures in heaven, we would have true, lasting riches which could never be lost, stolen or corrupted. One way we store up treasure in heaven is through living a lifestyle of kingdom generosity in such a way that earthly riches do not take hold of our hearts. Another way we do this is by storing and treasuring God’s word in our hearts, that we may not sin against Him (Psalm 119.11).

Satan has no way to steal from our heavenly storehouses; he can only try to keep us from possessing them by placing wedges between our hearts and God’s heart. One of those wedges is sexual temptation in whatever form it takes. If we take our heavenly treasure seriously, we will start to recognize the wedges when they come and place ourselves on guard.


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