Motivation For Men #6 : “Rebuilding The Wall”

Nehemiah was appointed provincial governor of Judea while it was under Persian rule in the 5th century BC. By the time Nehemiah called for the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem, it had already been over a century since the Babylonians had destroyed the wall and the rest of the city, so the reproach of Jerusalem had lasted a long time.

Sometimes we as Christians may have been subject to a besetting sin, sexual or otherwise, that we are tempted to give up; we think the obstacles are too great to overcome, or we have been this way too long, or we are not in control of our destiny so it’s no use anyway. Yet here Nehemiah, in the face of over a century of destruction and reproach, said that it was time to rebuild, so with his leadership, the cooperation of the people and the help of God, the walls were rebuilt amidst danger and opposition.

As you read Nehemiah account, you’ll notice the rebuilding of the wall was a group effort. If sexual sin is an area of recurring struggle for you, it is great to have other brothers who will hold you accountable, either one-on-one or in a group setting. With time and perseverance, the gaps in your personal walls of defense against the enemy will be filled, and you will find it much easier to stand.


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