Motivation For Men #5 : “Convanent Eyes”

“Covenant Eyes”

The Book of Job is supposed to be one of the oldest examples of biblical wisdom literature. Job was known to be an upright and blameless man who held fast to his integrity in spite of experiencing extreme suffering and loss. Among the standards he held himself to was the avoidance of lustful and adulterous behavior. Although Jesus made the connection between lust and adultery explicit in his teaching, if you read Job 31 you’ll see that Job made the connection between these two types of sin centuries earlier.

What you do with your eyes has a great deal to do with whether you will maintain a righteous standard. One of the psalmists said that he would put no worthless or wicked thing before his eyes (Psalm 101.3). That Job would refer to a “covenant” with his eyes showed that he viewed his commitment to personal holiness as having a priority similar to that of his wedding vows. Godly men see lust as something to be repented of and avoided, and discipline themselves to make sexual purity a way of life.


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