Motivation For Men #3 – “Untimely Furlough”

As you read the story of David and Bathsheba, their affair and the turmoil that followed, you may wonder what would motivate an otherwise God-fearing man to do what he did. Many observers have pointed out that for starters, David was not where he was supposed to be; the spring of the year is when kings were to lead their troops into battle, but David had delegated that responsibility to Joab and remained in Jerusalem during most of the siege on Rabbah.

Perhaps David’s position of privilege had fostered a sense of entitlement in his heart. After all, hadn’t he slain Goliath, endured much tribulation from Saul’s forces, led his country’s forces into many a battle and earned the right to be crowned king of Judah and Israel? Wasn’t he due a little time off and enjoyment?

All of us can think of prominent male leaders from recent times who have fallen into disgrace due to sexual indiscretions of one kind or another. However, you don’t have to be a famous public figure to fall victim to a sense of entitlement. Any of us can make up excuses why we “need” or “deserve” sex. your spouse may not have been accommodating recently, or you’re single and you’ve waited so long, and you may tell yourself there’s really no victim if you engage in a one-night stand. The truth is, there’s always a victim if you sin against God and grieve the Holy Spirit. Nothing ever entitles us to do that.


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