#15MintesBeforeWork : Prayer of the Day


Lord I just thank you for this opportunity to wake up this morning. I thank you for the coming breaths of the day, I thank you for the ability to talk and worship in your name Lord. Because God, This is trying time for us as believers today. I pray that all are able to have fortitude and understanding in the trials to come. For most will experiences things that they never learned from the Pastors and Preachers that they know and love. Some will not be prepared to endure the coming darkness to come.

For the Men, I pray that all are able to provide, protect and preach to the wives you put them over. That they become lights and show the general public how working men of God represent your name. That they show God in everything they do like business, customer service, in giving and courage. I pray that we as men are prepared for the spiritual and physical wars that coming in the future. Lord and I ask in Jesus name that your grace continue to cover us as a nation and that you continue to give the street preacher, the watchmen, the evangelist the stalwart fortitude to not fear and continue to do the work of the King Jesus Christ.

In your precious name we Pray



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