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Get Right Radio College Series:

“College Babylon”
Get Right Radio Campus of Babylon Podcast 



Brief Summary of Babylonian Culture:

  1. From Greek Babylonia means “Between Rivers”. In Hebrew it is derived from “Bavel” which means confusion, and was derived from God’s actions at tower of Babel. Which is the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers, and makes up most of Syria and Iraq of today.
  2. Babylon was known for its impressive walls, buildings, and as a great seat of learning and knowledge
  3. They used an advanced system of writing and developed a system of education similar to that created by Sumerians, their predecessors. The School system was an important cultural center, and the curriculum consisted primarily of copying and memorizing information in both the Sumerian and Babylonian languages.
  4. Their religious customs were based on that of the Sumerians. Scientific literature of the Babylonians included writings on astronomy, mathematics, medicine, chemistry, botany, and nature.

Core Values Taken from Daniel Pertaining to Believers on Campus:

**Chapter 1:8-16, 2:14-19, 3:5-18, 6:3-10

  1. UNCOMPROMISED – In Chapter 1:8-16 Daniel refused to eat the kings meat and drink his wine. This shows how it is important on campus not to conform to anything against your God or beliefs. It was against Jewish Law at that time to eat unclean meat, so Daniel would have to compromise his beliefs to fit in. God rewarded his faith and boldness by showing Nebuchadnezzar’s men through Daniel that His natural food would nourish the body better that the king’s food. Notice, Daniel was NOT disrespectful at all in his approach to one of the Eunuchs set over them. While on campus, please do not go around disrespecting Professors, Staff Members, Classmates, etc, just simply let them see you not conforming or swaying from your belief in the Bible
  2. RESPECTFUL – In Chapter 2:14-19 we see God had given Daniel favor in the hearts of the wicked Babylonian men. Again we see God rewarding Daniel’s faithfulness by revealing the King’s dream to Daniel. This action set Daniel up for promotion, because the revealing of the kings’s dream would come from no one else but God (No Astrologer, Diviner, Wise Man, or even King Nebuchadnezzar himself could recall the dream). Notice Daniel took time to inquire of God, and did NOT know prior to inquiring of God. If God does lead you to speak to someone in authority, PLEASE make sure you have really asked God about it, and your instruction comes from him. Too often young zealous Christians speak out of the flesh and are too hasty in proclaiming “Thus Saith the Lord”. Notice, the king was SEEKING for clarification, and that is why Daniel spoke the way he did concerning him. It would have been out of order for Daniel to try and “Reach” the King without Him seeking.
  3. COURAGE/BOLDNESS – In Chapter 3:5-18 we see the three Hebrews thrown into the fiery furnace because they would NOT bow to the image that the King had created. Trust in the Lord with all your heart young Believer in College (Proverbs 3:5,6). This speaks to God rewarding boldness in His believers. Greater is He that is in us, than He that is in the world. The three Hebrews could have easily “faked it” to save their lives, but they risked even death to not compromise their belief in God. Don’t be afraid of the intimidating classmates and teachers you will encounter. And do NOT suppress your beliefs, and “fake it” when bowing a knee to the false image just to save your “life/reputation/likeablilty” and think you can go in your prayer closet in secret and still maintain a solid prayer Life with God.
  4. CONSISTENT PRAYER LIFE – In Chapter 6:3-10 we see Daniels prayer life attacked by those jealous of the position God had given him. Here we find out that Daniel prayed 3 times a day facing Jerusalem. The “Facing Jerusalem” part is critical, because you see that Daniel still had his heart for the land God had given His people, despite the status and fame he received in Babylon. There will be people on campus who will try your faith, and will challenge you. Notice Daniel did NOT pick fights with people who didn’t believe the way he did, he simply stood!

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