#Unplugged: Thoughts @ 3am

Crazy. Crazy. Cray

As I sit here thinking to myself what next with my relationship with God and other believers. I continue to sit back patiently waiting for a breakthough, my season, my harvest…

^Hmm… No lol.. I’m not going there^

Let me think! I reflect back on the week mostly about the hard work I had done at the job. Very productive, as I would say. Always thinking about the next task and how pleasing it would be for me to serve the Lord by doing a great job was my focus.

You know what’s troubling me the most from the heart. Doing all the research I can to make the podcast as popular as possible. It’s hard with a lot of legwork on the tail end. And I’m also feeling some conviction inside my heart. I am always checking myself consistently, there’s a lot that goes with popularity but truthfully I just want the young believers of Christianity to get the truth of God uncompromisingly. I want to help them learn about their gender roles in life, be able to fight for the kingdom valiantly, become responsible role models, Fathers and Mothers for the next generation of believers of God. It makes me angry sometimes, to hear people preaching bad doctrine or preaching prosperity with no substance. I mean sure, we all have it wrong in some areas of Christianity whether its a few verses taking out of context or mis-quoting but we can not allow for satan to gain a foothold with the next generation. Think about everything we spoke about in our last show about how children are raping and taping the vile acts of sexual abuse then broadcasting it on the internet to show to world. Young males hitting young ladies like men and thinking they’re cool for doing it. How does this change or stop? What should we do first as being the older and more mature (I hope) generation.

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 Children of Disobedience

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