God’s Gift To Women by @eric_Ludy

How doeseth they doeth? ūüôā LOL

What does a man do on a sunny Saturday afternoon living in Florida? Go to the beach? No. Umm… Go Swimming? Nah son, black dudes don’t swim, remember the last time we jump in water. LOL! (Black Jokes are great icebreakers)

Anyway, about a week and a half ago. I went to Ellerslie.com and picked up Eric Ludy’s God’s gift to women book. And I must admit its a pretty good read so far, I’m a couple chapters in and he’s already had me laughing and partly feeling sorry for the guy. I mean, he was some skinny kid for a big part of his life. One of my favorite parts is when he had compared manhood to William Wallace from Braveheart. He went into a deep in-depth description of how passionate, brave and strong he was and how he wanted to be just like him. I definitely can relate to him.

More often enough I can relate to Eric’s sorrows about his dating in HS. But what I could never model was his self control to remain abstinate. (That’s another post in itself) We’ve all been there though, heck I can say i’m still going through it to some degree. Too often i’m hit with spells of loneliness and desire for a mate, and sometimes the worry gets the best of me.

Back to my point…¬†

When reading this book I often think about my old life as a Pick Up Artist (PUA for short). I laid down on the bed this morning locked in thought, old memories of good nights and not so great nights. Filled with countless approaches as I made a typical club name for myself. I thought I was becoming God’s Gift to Women by becoming more experienced w/ women. Which in turn I believed hurt me a lot more with “girlfriend” prospects at the time. The girls I wanted didn’t want me because I knew too many women. I had approached and gained so much experience with girl’s til I had a very abundant mentality which means… ON TO THE NEXT ONE!!

And as I’m reading this book so far. I can see how genuine he was about finding a wife at a young age. He was just strictly able to deny himself and forecast his own future choices and ultimately beat his sin. I want to encourage other male young adults to pursue purity in their lives. Frolicking around in the club will get you nothing but a bunch of pain and hurt.

Also, since your here. Why dontchu go check out our archived show about the “Pride & Prejudice of American Dating on Blogtalk surely I hope this show helps you understand the content of this post.

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