The Great Divide (My Last Post on This Blog)


“To the heart of social media, this platform is vain and fictitious. Many are connected by common interest while others live vicariously through the opinions of strangers. You have virtually opened your lives up so that others can see who you really are not. Some have mastered the art of cut-n-paste preaching, personality projecting, and self serving gibberish. Others have build groupie clubs and personalized ministries. Have you become a religious narcissistic sociopaths seeking the affirmation of strangers? From the LED screen you’ve got so much POWER; but when the smartphone or computer is off, you then lose your identity.

The act of people responding to you is therapeutic. Yet you have become social media demigods. You love your press, the sight of likes and accolades. They call you deep, anointed, insightful and powerful but secretly your mentally disturbed and spiritually dead. Wayward and unbalanced, speaking as Unidentified Spiritual Authority (USA). You’ve become a busy body strolling through FB looking for a love, seeking attention, in need of a word and desperate for the opinions of others. How long will you wander around in cyberspace? “

[To the unknown GREAT WONDERS.]

Every since my last post I had been feeling conflicted about why do I post online and such. What am I doing this for? Might be the attention seeking nature of having a blog, to share information with others and keep them informed about what’s going on in the world, maybe.

For the past year and 9 months or so I have struggled back and forth to decided which what was my identity for starting this blog with blog. I enjoyed it at first, I had people coming to me seeking advice on relationships and dating. Admiration from friends that my blog was pretty funny and entertaining. But, I’ve done a lot of soul searching n such the last 4 months and come to know this.

Anwar Jones aka Her Favorite Juice aka w/e

I am a man of God and the living Christ of the Bible.

Who I am on this platform will be the same person you greet in the flesh. This blog is not my identity nor do I seek one through it. I was just a guy thinking that he could surpress his stresses in live by writing a few 100 post on a blog that no one paid too much attention to besides a few select bloggers.

To those I have written for thank you for the opportunity to mutually share thoughts and information with each other.  Thanks for the admiration and the chance to meet some good people in the blogsphere. But this is where my story ends with this blog, after this I’ll be opening up a personal for myself to do everyday but I won’t be sharing too much of that with outsiders <—- bad choice word.

Thanks to those who read my blog and shared opinions with me. Thanks to those I can call friend.. you guys were instrumental in this journey but I must bid thee adieu.



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