True Supermen: Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn, and Alex Teves. RIP


Talk ab0ut real Supermen, in this day in age you wouldn’t expect for men to pay the ultimate sacrifice for a girl especially just a “girlfriend” not a wife. So, this post is dedicated to those 3 dudes who died protecting their girls the night of the Batman shooting. How unfortunate for such an event to happen, but I respect any man who instinctively can get up and take a couple bullets for a loved one.


Jon Blunk threw himself on top his girlfriend while the bullets flying to protect her.

Alex Teves pushed his girlfriend, Amanda Lindgren, to the floor to shield her when bullets began flying in the movie theater and was struck himself.


Witnesses said he dove on top of his girlfriend as the shooting started.

When I first heard about this it reminded me of an argument I had with a friend of mine on facebook about the worth of people’s life vs your own. I told her that as a man I have a natural God-given instinct to protect people. The willingness to protect is instinctive and in the moment. These men weren’t cowards, they didn’t value their girlfriend’s life over their own. In grave situation such as this you make the best decision responsible according to the information given to you.

With no way to escape, the only decision is to endure and protect the person closest to you.

I’m pouring out the finest liquor for these fellas and to all the families who suffered a lost on this horrific event.

Pictures provided and caption provided by: <——————- Full article here.



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  1. I mean,I honestly don’t know which guy wouldn’t take a bullet for any women,irrespective of being a gf.

    Not that I would’ve dove infront of a bullet for any chic,but if it were a hostage situation where it was me or a girl;I would take it.


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